We believe that everyone has a right to independence in their home, no matter what their income.

We set up the We Care Independent Living Fund to help to improve the quality, safety and suitability of the homes of vulnerable people, who are on low income, disabled or with long term illness. We want to help people to live happily and independently in their own home for as long as they choose.

Some of the work that we have been able to carry out using the fund includes:

  • Boiler replacement
  • Property repairs
  • Installing a shower room
  • Handy person repairs
  • Replacing doors and windows


What it all means – from a beneficiary

“When someone old finds themselves with illness that stops them from doing desperately needed repairs, and they are on a tight budget, they don’t know who to turn to or where to go. It’s really scary and so stressful. And when it comes to a family who has someone with cancer you don’t need any extra stresses on top. When you are over retirement age and can’t afford to become warm and have enough for food. You just have enough to live every week. It is a catch 22! Essential work to be fixed and not eat, or not eat and leave things broken.

With a company like We Care which helps people to cope with the place where they are living and stay safe and warm, we know that we can phone We Care if there is a desperate thing coming around the house and they will do everything to help. It gives us more hope. I believe there are thousands of people who are in a situation, like me and my husband, who don’t know about We Care, while they are in a desperate need for their help.”

Mr & Mrs D

What it all means – from a caseworker

“I was allocated an urgent case for Mr and Mrs D. Mr D had terminal cancer and was being nursed upstairs in the bedroom, at that time, in addition to no heating, they had no hot water as the gas-fired water heater had broken. Mrs D, who has COPD, used to go up and down the stairs to boil a kettle of water to get the hot water needed to wash her husband – he had sores as a result of secondary cancers and needed a regular wash”

“After various telephone calls and emails to charities, the client and a heating company, I got a verbal approval on the same day from two charities, I then used the We Care Independent Living Fund for the remainder. In a few days we had enough funds in place to immediately start the work needed. Mr. and Mrs.D had the hot water secured again in 10 days. They were delighted as it was one piece of good news at what was a very difficult time for them.”

We Care Caseworker

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If you would like to make a donation and help people like Mr and Mrs D please call 0300 323 0700.


Our supporters

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