Bathroom adaptations – Planning ahead for you and your home

Bathroom adaptations are our speciality. That’s because they are the number one way to keep you independent in your own home for longer.

Adaptive bathrooms Occupational Therapist

Adapting your bathroom can increase independence

Unfortunately, as people age, most houses become increasingly difficult to live independently. The thought of moving house is not surprisingly very unappealing to most older people, many of whom have lived in their home for several decades. Children were raised in these homes, memories created.

This is where home improvements like bathroom adaptations can help. Through a few relatively simple changes, homes can be made liveable in again and independence restored to the homeowner, giving a new lease of life not only to the property but also the person or people living there. There have even been studies that have shown how minor adaptations like accessible bathrooms not only help people stay in their homes, but they prevent falls and injuries, improving everyday activities and mental health.


How a bathroom adaptation helped Margaret

We help hundreds of people every year to carry on living at home through a few small adaptations.

One of these people is Margaret. Margaret had been living in respite care for nearly 5 months following a fall where she broke her arm. Her daughter, Sue, contacted us as she wanted to help her mum to get home and back to the independent living she was used to, but was concerned about her safety. She had previously had a couple of falls and had now been told that she would not get full movement back in her arm.

We started with an assessment by our in-house occupational therapist (OT), Maria, who visited them both at Margaret’s flat. Maria spent time talking to both Margaret and Sue and looking around the home to best understand Margaret’s needs and wishes.


“I felt like I had made a new friend.”



“I was a bit nervous and was expecting the occupational therapist to be a bit bossy to be honest!” Margaret said. “But by the end of the visit, I felt like I had made a new friend in Maria. She was very reassuring.”

After Maria’s visit, our technical officer, Chris C, and builder, Chris D, visited to provide a quote for adapting the bathroom to meet Margaret’s personal needs. Margaret had a level access shower installed with a free-standing chair.


“I really think the new shower is fantastic. It’s such a help. And it was all so quick!”



Level access shower bathroom adaptations

“I was impressed by how tidy and considerate the builder was.” Margaret commented. “I really think the new shower is fantastic. It’s such a help. And it was all so quick!”

It took just 10 weeks from the OT assessment to the new bathroom being finished.

Sue added, “It’s a weight off my mind to know that my mum can relax and enjoy her new shower at the same time as staying safe.”

The bathroom is often the first place people tend to have difficulties as they get older. We advise planning ahead and making small changes in the bathrooms of your elderly parents or loved ones before a crisis situation arises.


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If you are considering a bathroom adaptation or would like to know how we can help you or your loved ones to stay safe and independent at home, we can help.


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About We Care Home Improvements

We’re a not-for-profit organisation on a mission to improve the homes of older people and those with disabilities. Our aim is for people to live comfortably and independently at home for as long as they choose. Our specialties are bathroom adaptationshome adaptationshandyperson servicesoccupational therapy and home independence products.

We Care have been in the home maintenance business for over 30 years and our handyman service is Trading Standards Approved. As an approved supplier to Bristol, Bath & NE Somerset and Gloucestershire councils, you can be sure that our work is of a very high standard.

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