What is the difference between a walk-in shower and a level access shower?

We are often asked what the difference is between the level access showers that we install and a normal walk-in shower. It’s important to understand the difference, as well as the safety advantage of having level access.

impey we care home improvements level access shower wet room
The latest in stylish level access shower wet rooms

Level access means no tray to step over

The classic difference between a walk-in shower and a level access shower is that a walk-in shower has a tray that catches the water whereas a level access shower doesn’t have any tray or lip to step over to get in. The tray itself has been sunk into the waterproofed floor below the shower, allowing the user to just walk straight in.

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What’s a wet room? It’s the same thing

Level access shower rooms are also known as wet rooms. Many people are concerned about having a wet room because it suggests that the shower itself isn’t enclosed. We’re much more used to seeing showers in their own corner of the room. A lot of our clients ask whether the shower will be discreet, whether the water will splash everywhere, and if it’ll look stylish.

Your wet room is built around you

Your new bathroom being a “wet room” doesn’t mean that the shower won’t have its own defined area within the bathroom. The main showering area where the water is will often be separated from the rest of the bathroom by a screen. There are a variety of designs available so you can choose something that fits in with the bathroom as it is, or suits the style you are going for. The non-slip flooring included is designed in a clever way to let the water run away easily and not pool on the floor. It’s built around you and your needs.

impey we care home improvements stylish wet room
Your shower room – your style

Cleaning a level access shower is a doddle

If you’re looking for a shower room that’s easy to clean and maintain, we can install panels instead of tiles. Not only are panels the latest in modern bathing room fashion, but they also don’t get mouldy like grout. No bleach cleaners required! The same goes for the non-slip flooring. If you find it tough keeping your tiled bathroom walls clean then panels are the way forward.

Stylish showers to suit you

Panels or tiles can come in various styles from simple to luxury finishes. Non-slip safety flooring also comes in a huge range of colours to suit any taste. The days of accessible bathrooms looking clinical are long gone. You can make your wet room look like the bathroom from a boutique hotel!

impey we care home improvements accessible level access shower room
Safety, comfort and style go hand in hand in modern bathrooms

A modern bathing solution that’s safe for all to use

Level access showers are also easier to install in rooms that are tight on space. So if you’re looking to adapt a small downstairs room into an accessible shower room we’d always recommend level access. Likewise, for wheelchair users it is the easiest and safest solution. No need for ramps or negotiating over lips to get in. Carers can also find them a lot easier to use. With movable panels of different sizes you can make the space or gain the access that’s needed.

Minimal disruption – easy to install

Depending on what is required, a full wet room isn’t something that will take a long time to install. Modern shower and wet room systems can be fitted within days instead of weeks, depending on the size of the room and anything else that needs to be adapted or installed to support having a shower in the room. Rest assured that you’ll never be without a working toilet when we leave, or access to the toilet whilst we are working.

Ask us anything

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about level access showers and what is possible in your home. Our friendly knowledgeable bathrooms team will be with you every step of the way.

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