Garden Fencing – We Care about your security

Does your garden fencing need some TLC?

It’s official – summer is here! It’s felt like a very long year up until now. We’re finally able to enjoy our gardens a lot more now that lockdown is easing and the sun is shining. And the one thing that we at We Care are always thinking about when we get outside is our garden fencing. So now you’re outside, take a look at yours. How is it looking? Starting to slump slowly? A bit of wood rot here and there? Do you even have a fence anymore?!

Now that you’ve had a good gander, you might be looking to replace some of those broken fence panels or to improve the security of your garden. You may even be thinking of changing the look of your garden, or perhaps you just want some privacy back. In any case, we can help you by installing fences that look great as well as protect the security of your home’s boundary.

Let’s talk wood

Fences are generally a lot cheaper to install than having brick walls built up. They are a more attractive option than brickwork too, and a permanent fixture compared to hoarding or woven bamboo. Garden fencing can come in different styles – such as slat style, which is contemporary but offers less privacy, or the more traditional overlap style. If you want to change the look and feel of your garden, there are many options. Wooden panels can be treated then stained or painted to suit you and the vibe you’re going for.

Your garden, your security

If you are looking to keep pets, children or other loved ones safe, it is important to have secure fencing in place, ideally installed by an experienced garden maintenance technician. They’ll be able to give you the best advice on the best type of fence panels for the job as well as complete the installation to the highest standard.

A garden maintenance technician can advise you on the height and thickness you require for the optimal security and how you can section off or partition your garden with panels or metal railings and balustrades if necessary. Let them know what you would like to achieve by having the fence installed. Do you want to be able to see over it? Do you want plants to climb up it? If so, there are options for heights and trellis attachments to meet your needs.

We repair, we replace

If you already have fences in place that just need replacing, then you might be able to use the existing posts for that fencing. However, we can replace them if they are rotten or broken, as part of the set prices that we offer for replacements. Our garden maintenance technicians like to carry out a free site survey in the first instance so that they can have a chat with you, take a look at your garden and current boundary fences, then give you a quote from there.

Have the fence you fancy

The most popular type of fencing is the classic simple overlap wooden fencing, also known as lap panel fencing. If you prefer we can offer you other styles such as panel boards or specialist designs to make your garden stand out – if that’s your thing! The panels will be installed pre-treated, meaning that a protective coat of wood treatment is applied to them before we even arrive at your home. There are a couple of different ways to treat wood, so do ask your maintenance technician about this and any tips they have for maintaining your fence so that it lasts for years to come.

Fence posts can be either made from timber or concrete. Concrete is, of course, a stronger option requiring no further maintenance like treatment. However, it is a more costly option and arguably less attractive. We aim to install wooden posts or work with the current posts you might have installed to keep the cost down and for them to mirror the wooden panels to be installed. Your garden maintenance technician will happily discuss the pros and cons with you during the initial garden survey.

We’re here to help – even after installation

Should your new fences need to be treated annually or biannually or if you’re considering getting them painted too, don’t forget that we can give you all the advice that you need or even do it for you. Our garden technicians have deep knowledge in all aspects of garden maintenance. There’s nothing they like better than having a chat about ways to improve your garden. With decades of combined experience between them, they are ready for you to test their knowledge and skill.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you get the most out of your whole garden as well as the garden fencing, don’t hesitate to drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter. You can send us an email at to enquire about our gardening team or fill out our contact form here on the website. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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