In order to maintain your independence at home sometimes it can be beneficial to consider moving. Our Housing Options for Bristol service can help with this.

This service can provide various levels of support; from initial assessment and identifying suitable accommodation to meet current and future needs, right up to a full moving service that would oversee and provide support through the whole process.

Some of the things we can offer support for:

  •  Initial assessment and identifying suitable properties
  •  Accompanied viewings
  •  Assistance with form filling and liaising with estate agents and solicitors
  •  Registering applications on HomeChoice (rental housing allocation system)
  •  Support with decluttering and packing
  •  Arranging removals
  •  Liaise with care and medical equipment providers
  •  Overseeing everything on moving day to enable a stress free transition

Get in touch

If you live in Bristol and would like help call our team on 0300 323 0700 or send us a message and we can discuss all the options with you.

Other services

  • For advice and support with hoarding issues, read Making Space to find out more.