Do you know someone who hoards?

If you want to help someone who has problems with hoarding, you can refer them to our free Making Space service which provides practical and emotional support.

Some people with hoarding tendencies can gather an excessive number of items in their home and store them in a chaotic manner. Making Space supports people with clearing and organising which increases their well-being and makes their home safer. Our aim is to empower individuals to sustainably ‘make space’ not only in their home, but also their life and mind; increasing their confidence, well-being and self-efficacy.

This is an approach that is proven to be successful and far more effective than other alternatives, such as statutory or landlord intervention.

Making Space is led by a team of both paid staff and invaluable volunteers in the Bristol and BANES. We support all tenures and we welcome self-referrals as well as professional referrals.

Due to the high demand of the service, there is likely to be a delay in us visiting clients, however please do not let a waiting list deter you.  We are happy to discuss each referral on a case by case basis making assessments on high risk referrals as soon as feasibly possible.

The case managers work with higher levels of possessions and risk with the aim of reducing risk so the client can continue working with a volunteer.

How to make a referral

Download and read the following documents (please note that you will need to open these in Microsoft Edge)

Complete the Making Space Referral assessment form and email it to

What happens next?

  • Once we have received the Referral Assessment Form we will review and assess to see if the referral is eligible for support.
  • The referrer will receive a reply to advise if further documents are needed / referral has been accepted or declined.
  • If eligible we will contact the referrer to arrange a joint visit with the referrer at the individual’s home. This is only arranged once we have capacity to work with a new client.
  • We will again assess the information and make a decision as to whether we can support the individual. The referrer will be informed of the outcome If eligible the client will be accepted and will be allocated a case manager or volunteer as soon as someone is available.
  • We reassess every 6 visits where we either allocate further sessions, put the work on hold or refer the client on. This depends on clients’ needs and availability of Making Space team
  • We encourage all clients to attend the Making Space Support Group as it will help prepare clients for when they have Making Space Support in their homes.
  • Please note, we do not work with clients at level 1-3 on the CIRS
  • We are unable to respond to all referrals directly as most of our time is spent supporting people in their homes. Supporting clients is our priority so please bear with us while we get back to you.

Become a Making Space Volunteer

More information

Alternative support agencies include: