How can you make your bathroom safer?

Have you considered a walk-in shower room in your home?

We can help you plan the perfect bathroom that’s both safe and stylish

It can be daunting starting out on a project like redesigning your bathroom. Even more so if you have very specific needs. We’ve been helping people make their homes safer for over 30 years, specialising in bathroom adaptations. So let’s walk you through how we create a bathroom that’s built around you.

Let’s talk about you

First and foremost, your needs are the most important thing to take into consideration. Do you have a particular health condition? Have you had falls in the past? Are you a wheelchair user? The answers to these questions will help us shape the bathroom. It’s important that whatever we create will work for you, now and in the future should your needs change.

You should also consider what aspects of your current bathroom you like and would want to keep. Some aspect of the bathroom might work for you but other things need to be changed. That’s alright! It doesn’t have to be a total redesign, especially if you’re on a budget.

Bathrooms don’t have to be boring!

Whether you’re looking for a clean and modern design or want a splash of colour, our accessible bathroom ranges have something to inspire everyone. Perhaps you’ve done some research into the styles and colour schemes available. Show us what you’ve seen. Just because we want to make your bathroom safer, it doesn’t have to be boring! Take this opportunity to let your own personality shine through.

Your space doesn’t have to set the pace

Think about the current layout of your bathroom. How much space do you have? Don’t worry if you are working on a budget and have limited room. There is always the option to convert another room to a shower room, upstairs or downstairs. Even build an extension or convert a garage. We know this might not be affordable for everyone though. Our contractors can maximise what you’ll get out of the space whilst being realistic about what’s achievable.

Other than certain fixtures and fittings that help save on space, we also have a range of level access showers. No big bathtubs mean you’ll free up a lot of floor space for manoeuvring, and fewer obstacles to contend with.

A stylish bathroom in our Bristol showroom

Wet room or walk-in shower?

There’s a big difference between the two. A walk-in shower uses a tray to catch the water from the shower. A wet room, also known as a level access shower room, has no tray or lip. The actual tray is beneath the floor, allowing you to access the shower from the floor level without having to step over anything to enter.

In our experience, level access showers are the safest option. They also lend the bathroom a very modern look, and work fantastically where space is limited.

Let the pros worry about the technicalities

There are several things to consider when redesigning or re-configuring a bathroom to accommodate a level access shower. Our vetted contractors worry about the details. We’ve fitted thousands of specialist bathrooms across the South West. So when it comes to electrics, heating, waste pipes and other practicalities we know what will work and what to do, all to make you safer while you bathe.

Improve your bathroom, transform your life

Just because you’re finding it harder to bathe right now, it doesn’t mean you have to keep on struggling. With the right set up of a wet room, rails and accessible toilets and sinks, you’ll be staying independent in your own home for much longer. With your safety and your future in mind, trust us at We Care to improve your bathroom around you.

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