How to save water in your bathroom

With so many of us struggling with our household bills, one of the easiest to keep under control is your water bill. If you’re on a water meter, saving water and being aware of your water consumption is very important.

Saving water isn’t only good for your wallet though – it’s great for the environment and our local community. It’s up to us all to play our part and save water where we can, just using the amount we actually need. Over half of the average water use comes in the bathroom, with around a third coming from taking showers and baths. Here’s a brief guide on how to save water in your bathroom.

Save whilst you shower

We all know that showers use less water than baths. However, the average shower still uses around 10 to 11 litres per minute. If the average family cut shower time by a minute, they could save £45 on their water bills, not to mention £52 on energy bills and over 11,500 litres of water per year in total. Why not try putting a time limit on your shower? You can do this by simply setting a timer on your phone, or by fitting a new smart shower with time limit functionality built into it.

Leaking money

Drips and leaks can also cost you money and waste massive amounts of water in the long run, if you don’t get them fixed. A leaking toilet or constantly filling cistern can waste 400 litres of water every day. Not only is it a terrible waste, it could also cost someone on a water meter over £300 a year.

Don’t put your money down the drain with a leaky tap!

A single dripping tap can waste over 60 litres per day – that’s the same as 39 bathtubs full of water. It’s never too late to get it sorted, and our handyperson team is equipped to take care of replacing washers, broken seals and even whole taps.

Gadgets that help you save

Nowadays there are many products available which actively help you save water, from dual flush toilets to showers and taps with flow limiters A dual flush allows you to choose a short flush or a longer flush depending on what is needed to clear the waste away.

We often don’t realise how much water is being used at a higher pressure, so switching to a lower pressure can help a lot. Innovative water-saving aerated shower heads mix air with the water flow. This uses up to 30% less water without losing any of the power of your shower. Built-in flow limiters reduce the amount of water you use by automatically limiting flow or by giving the option to switch to eco mode.

Get Smart about your shower

Smart shower systems allow you to customise your showering experience, setting your shower to run for a specified length of time. Then there’s new cutting-edge underfloor heating. You can control when and how you use your heating, which is much more efficient than central heating. Smart digital thermostats even learn the best times and temperatures for your heating, making the whole thing effortless.

We hope this quick guide is helpful in giving you some ideas on how to save water in your bathroom. Contact our friendly team today to discuss how we can create a modern eco-friendly shower room that’s built around you – but won’t cost the earth.

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