Keeping your gutters clear – an essential part of home maintenance

Keeping your gutters clear

The importance of keeping your gutters clear

Gutters aren’t something we spend a great deal of time thinking about but are a very important part of the house as they exist to protect your home from rain water. During a storm the rain runs off the roof into the gutters and down the drainpipes into the drains below. By doing this your windows, doors and foundations are all being protected from water damage.

Because they play such a crucial role in protecting your home, it is essential that gutters are kept clear of any debris that will prevent them from working effectively. Experts recommend clearing your gutters twice a year – in both spring and autumn. You should consider doing it more frequently if your roof is directly beneath trees or you live in an area prone to storms.

It is important to do this piece of home maintenance as not clearing your gutters can lead to problems.

Slippery walkways

If excess water is not being channelled into the drains by your gutters, it can end up sitting on walkways and driveways potentially creating a slip hazard. The formation of algae can make paths slippery, and in winter, water turning to ice can also make surfaces difficult to walk on.

Roof damage

If your gutters are blocked then the water sits against the edge of your roof and can damage both the surface and underlying materials.

Walls, windows and doors damage

As previously mentioned, your gutters protect your walls, windows and doors from the rainfall. If they are not protected they are susceptible to warping and rotting as they were not designed to sustain prolonged and direct rainfall.


Getting your gutters cleared professionally

Gutter clearing handyman
We Care handy person service

All of these problems can be avoided by hiring someone to clean your gutters twice a year. If you have someone to regularly maintain your gutters they should be straightforward to clear.

If it is raining and water is running down the side of your house then your gutters are blocked and you need a professional to clear them quickly. Equally, if you notice leaking or sagging gutters, be sure to get them looked at as soon as possible.


How We Care Home Improvements can help

Our handyperson service is set up to help with exactly this kind of home maintenance, and we have been helping people with their homes for over 30 years. You can completely trust our handy people, who are all Trading Standards Approved.

If you have any concerns or would like to book our handyperson service to clear your gutters, please call to talk to one of our friendly experts.


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We Care have been in the home maintenance business for over 30 years and our handyperson service is Trading Standards Approved. We are an approved supplier to Bristol, Bath & NE Somerset and Gloucestershire councils, so you can be sure that our work is of a very high standard.

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