Your new wet room

Wet rooms, also known as level access shower rooms, are the trendy modern bathing solution for a designer bathroom that everyone can use.

Accessible shower wet room bathroom
A wet room you can be proud of as well as safe in

Why a wet room?

It’s our mission to make homes enable access for all. That means that every room of the house needs to be safe to use for whoever is living there. The bathroom can present a few hazards, with things like shower trays and bathtubs to step over. This is why we prefer to install level access showers. They take the stress away from bathing for a stylish looking bathroom that’s safer and easier to clean and maintain. In this article, we will go over the parts that make up a wet room, that we think about carefully when designing your new shower room.

But where’s the shower tray?

Wet rooms have a tray that is sunken into the floor below. This means that you access the shower from the floor level rather than having to step over the lip of a tray. This is altogether safer, removing a major barrier to access for people with mobility issues.

Ideally, the shower tray area would be as large as possible because you don’t want water splashing out to other areas of the bathroom. Safety and ease of use go hand in hand. We will advise you about what is possible in the space that you have. There are also many non-slip flooring options available that minimise any danger posed by water leaving the shower area.

Shower panels or tiles?

Tiles have been the style in bathrooms for many years, but recently shower panels have become very popular. Panels keep the shower area watertight; you can still have tiles in the wider room. Our experts will be able to design the wet room in a way that makes everything look seamless.

You may have one or several panels in the actual shower area with a screen separating it from the room, with up to three of the bathroom walls tiled. You may have a room that is completely panelled. Panels can come in various colours, patterns and effects, like frosted glass style or mirrored. They can match the flooring or contrast, whichever you prefer. The benefit of panels, much like the non-slip flooring, is that they are very easy to clean and maintain versus tiles.

dementia friendly accessible bathroom wet room
A dementia friendly accessible bathroom

Digital, electric or mixer shower?

A mixer shower has hot and cold water inputs that are mixed in the shower bar. You can set the temperature on the shower’s control panel or by using the taps, depending on the type you have installed. We would also recommend having a thermostatic valve installed – this protects you from sudden temperature changes if someone else uses the water in the house.

However, you may prefer an electric or digital shower instead. Both electric and digital showers let you start the shower with the water at the right temperature straight away, either by pre-setting the temperature controls on the panel or using a smartphone app with a digital shower.

Digital showers are usually the easiest to install, with the control unit being installed discreetly in the loft. They are also the most modern and fully featured. Electric showers can be useful where there is low water pressure or for people that want a simpler manual controls option. There are also control options for people who are blind or have different health needs.

Designed with you in mind

Whatever your needs, we can work with you to gain the bathroom you desire. From the style and colour to the shower itself, there are options to suit everyone. Our trusted contractors can convert small bathrooms into level access showers, and even convert other rooms such as garages where our customers have need more space or a ground floor accessible bathing solution.

If you want to have an informal chat about a new accessible bathroom, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help remove the barriers between you and your safety and independence in your own home.

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