Wind damage – Don’t wait for the storm to blow over!


Why should we worry about a bit of a breeze?

Two words: wind damage. When strong winds are forecast, we naturally look to batten down the hatches and stay safely indoors as much as possible. Whilst your home is your shelter from storms, a good battering from high winds can damage your property in many ways – some expected, some not. A home generally has 4 weak spots in these types of extreme weather conditions. Here is some advice about what to expect and how to cope:

  • Windows

Unsecured windows can be damaged easily, with single panes cracking and breaking or coming away from the hinges. With windows out of the frame as it were, the wind is free to blow through your house causing more chaos. You should shut, lock and cover your windows as best as you can.


  • Doors

Similar to windows, open doors can be damaged by clattering into walls – and so can the walls. Glass in doors windows can also crack and break. Even if there isn’t a window, doors that aren’t shut properly can be pushed open by the wind, leaving it free to wreck your belongings and the interior of the house. Keep your doors locked and bolted. A weighted draught excluder is also a good investment – you’ll want to keep warm as well as safe.


  • Roof

We naturally think of shingles and tiles coming loose due to a storm. However, roofs are especially vulnerable to wind damage if there is a point of access into the property due to a damaged door or window, as the wind against the walls creates pressure going upwards, increasing uplift force upon the roof. Some roofing parts can be secured or bolted down by a roofing expert. The National Federation of Roofing Contractors may be able to help you find a local roofing specialist.


  • Garage

Extreme winds can pull a garage door off its tracks, or even bend or break it with the intense pressure. Double doors are most vulnerable due to the larger surface area. It’s worth speaking to the company that installed your garage doors or a reputable contractor about inspecting them and advising on the best course of action if repairs are needed.


How we can help


It’s good to be prepared – if you know repairs are needed, get in contact with us as soon as possible. We can check your home’s exterior and interior for any risks, and help to put away or tie down any garden furniture, and your garden shed.

When the winds have stopped, it’s best to check over your property. We can help with this too – we have experience with hidden structural damage and assessing for danger. Our handyman team are skilled in fencing repairs and can give you an obligation free quote. Give us a call on 0300 323 0700, or send us an email at Our office is open Monday to Friday, from 10am until 4pm.

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